Wednesday 20 February 2019

Cockroaches and human waste forced closure of restaurants

Cockroaches were found
Cockroaches were found

A Dublin restaurant was forced to close for a week over Christmas after health inspectors found evidence of a cockroach infestation and other serious breaches of food safety standards.

Ruposhi Indian Restaurant, on Whitworth Road, Drumcondra, closed from December 20 to 27 after inspectors from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) said breaches posed a "grave and immediate danger to public health".

Along with "evidence of cockroach infestation", inspectors also found two domestic fridges used on-site were defective, poor "operational hygiene [was] observed" and there was a lack of food hygiene training and supervision of staff.

An immediate closure order was put in place following the inspection on December 20.

It was one of seven closure orders that were issued by the FSAI last month, and 64 issued in 2017.

The Boojum Mexican Burrito Bar, at the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, was forced to close for five days in early December after health inspectors found there was no running water on the premises.


They also found both raw meat and ready-to-eat food were handled, prepared and served on the premises, posing a "grave and immediate danger to public health" due to the "potential for cross contamination".

A pizza takeaway in Athboy, Co Meath, was also closed for a day after inspectors found human excrement was bubbling up through a blocked staff toilet next to a food preparation room.

The blockage at Athboy Pizzas, on Main Street, also extended to the waste water outlets servicing the kitchen.

The closure order, due to the risk of food contamination, was lifted a day after it was issued on December 5.

Closure orders were also issued for various reasons on Cartons Daybreak grocery, in Clonhenritt, Camolin, Co Wexford; the kitchen and food preparation and storage area of Tigh Giblin, in Spiddal, Co Galway; the Rose Garden Chinese restaurant, on Church Street, Douglas, Co Cork; and the Chinatown takeaway, on Main Street, Castlebellingham, Co Louth.

All closure orders have since been lifted.

FSAI chief executive Dr Pamela Byrne said that while the number of closure orders was down last year by more than a third over 2016, when 106 were issued, it was still too many.

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