| 20.8°C Dublin

Clouds drift in but the temperature's still soaring


Pals cool off at Old Head, Mayo

Pals cool off at Old Head, Mayo

Pals cool off at Old Head, Mayo

Don't let the hazy sunshine get you down, high temperatures of up to 28C are predicted for the weekend.

Apart from a little patchy drizzle in coastal districts, today will be another warm day, but with a mix of cloud and humidity.

Top temperatures in Dublin will range from 22C to 26C and, while it may be cloudy, Met Eireann is warning the public not to neglect their sun cream, as harmful UV rays still have the power to burn.

Tomorrow is the day to fire up those barbecues as mercury levels are to reach up to 28C, while Monday is to be just as warm, but with a good deal of cloud.

During the day that cloud should break up to make way for sunshine.


Early indications suggest that warm and mostly dry conditions will continue well into next week, with the best of the sunshine in the midlands, east and south. There is a chance of some scattered showers in places from midweek.

With the heatwave almost in its third week, last month was officially the driest June in Dublin since 1850.

Irish Water is appealing to everyone to conserve water as drought conditions continue.