Monday 20 May 2019

Clean-up after Halloween costs city taxpayers €635k

Smouldering: aftermath of bonfire in Ballyfermot
Smouldering: aftermath of bonfire in Ballyfermot

DUBLIN taxpayers footed a €635,000 bill in order to cover the clean-up and operation costs associated with Halloween, the Herald can reveal.

Officials removed a staggering 750 tonnes of bonfire material throughout the capital.

And some 1,200 tyres were collected as part of the clean-up operation, according to information supplied to Independent councillor Nial Ring.

The €635,000 bill relates to Dublin City alone and includes the call-out charges associated with Dublin Fire Brigade.



According to Dublin City Council, some "unsavoury incidents" caused distress for members of the public and council staff.

However, officials emphasised that the number of bonfires and emergency call-outs declined on previous years and that the overall sum, which in previous years reached approximately €1m, has come down.

"The costs of repairing damage and of call-outs by the fire brigade is included when calculating costs.

"As the number of incidents Dublin City Council has responded to has come down so too have costs," a spokesman told the Herald, although he said Halloween is still an area of concern.


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