Monday 24 September 2018

Clamped driver claimed she was taking pet to vet

A MOTORIST was clamped while getting change for the meter and another was "ambushed" while bringing her sick animal to the vet, according to complaints.

In another incident, a Dublin Street Parking Services (DSPS) official used the F-word towards residents, it was alleged.

Details of the complaints were contained in the annual report from parking appeals officer William Keilthy, who pointed out the clampers denied the accusations. He said: "The nature of the sometimes emotionally heated situations that arise in clamping and de-clamping vehicles as well as the processing of payments makes it difficult to get a balanced view of the two sides of any complaints received."

In a case study, Mr Keilthy outlined how one motorist went to get coins and left a colleague standing beside the car to explain if necessary.

While she was away, a DSPS van clamped the vehicle, even though the crew "was informed that the motorist was in the process of purchasing a ticket".

She returned and complained the clamper was "extremely rude" and "continued to clamp the car despite the fact that she was standing beside him with a ticket in her hand", Mr Keilthy stated in his report. The crew denied any discussion.

However, the woman's version of events was accepted and she was refunded the release fee.

DSPS investigated the complaint and replied that their staff denied the events occurred "as portrayed in the letter".


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