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City's newest hotel has poker table in top suite

THE capital's newest hotel opens for business today.

The Dean, on Harcourt Street is hoping to attract customers for more than just a late night drink and tap into the "new Dublin".

With a bar and a rooftop restaurant that are both open at 7am, The Dean plans to tap into the new wave of start-up and tech businesses in the city centre.

The hotel is the latest Dublin venture for developer Paddy McKillen Jr.

"We want to create a kind of community here and change the perception that Harcourt Street is just a destination for late night drinking," said Aileen Galvin of Pressup - the operating company for the hotel.

The 52-room hotel boasts three types of standard rooms. It also has two luxury suites and a penthouse complete with a cocktail bar and poker table.

Punk Bunks and Mod Bods are compact rooms that are designed for people who won't be spending too much time in them.

"I've never heard of this type of capsule room in Dublin before but most major cities have them," Ms Galvin said.