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City told to insure flood risk homes

DUBLIN homeowners under threat of flooding should have their homes protected by the city council to avoid 'insurance terror', say councillors.

Following serious flooding in parts of the capital in October 2011, residents are worried that they cannot afford to insure their homes.

Cllr Mannix Flynn told the Herald: "The insurance companies are tending now not to offer insurance or the insurance premiums are very, very high. I suggest that the city council should include them under their policy.

"Dublin City Council has really failed to put in the necessary infrastructure and drainage system to cope with this.

"The necessary works have not been done on the Dodder and they're only beginning to start now in earnest.


"The floods in October 2011 could have been catastrophic. People can't cope with being left to the mercy of unscrupulous insurance companies."

Councillors will vote next week on whether to pressure insurance companies to provide more affordable cover.

Hundreds of families in affected areas now face an anxious wait to see if they can secure cover for their homes.

During flooding along the Dodder in October 2011, more than 330 homes were hit by the worst flooding to affect Dublin since 1986.

Hundreds of residents had to be rescued and others evacuated as swaths of the city were under water.