Tuesday 22 January 2019

City to enjoy a last blast of summer

Don't put away the bikinis just yet - summer is about to make a welcome return and temperatures are on the rise again.

Met Eireann said that we can expect a last burst of summer weather with warm days returning for one last hurrah.

The news may not be welcomed by thousands of students who are returning to school and college.

The final weeks of the summer holidays were marred by wet and windy conditions.

As schools around the country welcome pupils back, temperatures are set to jump to around 20 degrees this week.


The wet and windy weather of late won't make a comeback before next week, according to Met Eireann.

However, cloudy conditions may stand in the way of all-out beach-like conditions.

Sunshine will only manage to break through here and there, according to the weather experts, but when it does it is set to feel extremely summery.

"We really would need that cloud cover to move to see really sunny days, but there are sunny spells expected," forecaster Joan Blackburn told the Herald.

"It's going to be very pleasant and certainly nothing like the weather we have had the last few weeks," she added.

The dry weather will last until the weekend - but then it looks like there may be a chance of rain.

"This week there will be a return to above-average temperatures and it will be mostly dry until at least the weekend," the forecaster added.

From Wednesday on it will be very warm across the country.

Temperatures will reach between 17 to 20C, but it will turn cool at night with lows of 9 to 13C.

It will be a sticky day on Thursday, feeling particularly warm in any sunny breaks, with temperatures 16 to 20C, Met Eireann said.


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