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City remains on alert for more floods

City councils remained on flood alert this morning after persistent rain lashed parts of the country.

Up to 40mm of rain -- some three weeks' worth -- was forecast for Leinster and Munster yesterday.

One weather station in Wexford had already recorded rainfall of 20mm by 6pm last night.

However, Met Eireann said that the rain would be nothing like that being experienced in Britain, and that rainfall totals were more likely to be 10-15mm.

Dublin City Council's drainage division was on alert for 'monster rain' and continued to monitor the rainfall situation overnight.

The council said that since the flooding of October 2011, it had added a large number of rain gauges throughout the city.

It pointed out: "Pluvial flooding, arising from intense bursts of localised extreme rainfall, can occur without advance warning in any area of the city."

With road surfaces slippery in many parts of the country, AA Roadwatch advised motorists to reduce their speed and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

Meanwhile, don't bank on balmy sunny weather arriving over the next few days: it's set to get even cooler.

However, Met Eireann is predicting that the beginning of next week should see drier weather.

Deirdre Lowe of Met Eireann said that all places "could get a few drops of rain tomorrow morning, but it should brighten up later and turn cooler on Sunday evening".

She said that the beginning of next week would see some showers, but there would probably be a lot of dry weather. It will be sunny at times, but "a bit cooler", she said.

Met Eireann is predicting that the changeable and unsettled weather will continue, with below-normal temperatures.