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CITY Raid Gangster uses children to clean dye-stained banknotes

ONE of the country's most notorious cash-in-transit robbery gangs is using children to launder dye-stained money stolen in armed robberies, the Herald can reveal.

New details have emerged about the gang led by the Finglas thug nicknamed 'Fishy' and how they are able to change money which has been destroyed in dye into clean crisp notes.

The gang led by 'Fishy' is linked to a dozen cash-in-transit robberies already this year -- the majority in north Dublin.


A source explained: "Cash notes often get destroyed in dye after a cash box is open by the gang so these men go to any machine that is designed to take notes for coins.

"In particular, they have been using parking machines at supermarkets and other locations, even hospitals and gaming arcades. A big favourite is Luas ticketing machines.

"A lot of these machines can take €20 and €50 notes and are not designed to recognise that the notes are covered in dye. Usually the machine just recognises the metallic strip on the note. So what is happening is that the gang is getting youngsters to pay for an hour's parking with their tainted notes or pay for a short Luas journey.


"They then get a load of change in coins which they bring to machines based in supermarkets that convert the coins back into clean notes and off they go."

Sources believe the crew controlled by 'Fishy' is ploughing much of the cash stolen in armed raids into drugs trafficking enterprises as the gang continues to grow in strength.

Previously they had strong links to jailed gangland figure Alan 'Fatpuss' Bradley and murdered hitman Daniel Gaynor.

The crew is made up of a core group of five major criminals from the Glenties, Berryfield and Dunsink areas of Finglas but are also linked to a number of other criminal groupings.