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City pub sector crisis as 2,450 jobs lost in pandemic-hit bars


LVA chief Donall O’Keeffe warned more pubs are likely to close

LVA chief Donall O’Keeffe warned more pubs are likely to close

LVA chief Donall O’Keeffe warned more pubs are likely to close

At least 2,450 jobs have been lost in Dublin pubs - and 10 premises have shut for good - since they had to close their doors in March, according to the Licensed Vintners Association (LVA).

It says the job losses represent more than one in every five of the 12,000 jobs generated by Dublin pubs before the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, and that more jobs will be lost if the pubs cannot reopen next month.

On average, just over 18 jobs were lost a day since the March 15 closure, and the LVA fears there will be further significant job losses ahead, with almost one in three Dublin pubs yet to reopen.

"At the outset of this crisis, pubs in Dublin and across the country acknowledged the need to close our doors for the good of public health," said LVA chief executive Donall O'Keeffe.

"This continues to be the responsible course of action, but it has had a real and serious economic impact on the pub sector in Dublin," he added.


"Unfortunately, one in every five people employed by pubs in Dublin have lost their jobs in the period since mid March. That amounts to at least 2,450 people who were made redundant.

"This is incredibly hard on these individuals and their families. On average, more than 18 more people working in Dublin pubs lose their jobs every day.

"There is a lot of uncertainty in the sector about future business and employment prospects. Almost one-third of the pubs in Dublin are yet to reopen and their viability is further threatened every additional day they remain closed.

"Any business, or employer, would struggle if they had no income for 40pc of a year, which is the situation facing pubs.

"A further tangible sign of that struggle comes in the form of the 10 Dublin pubs that have ceased trading and decided to keep their doors closed for good.

"The loss of these businesses will be felt by the workers, the publicans involved and by their local communities.

"Sadly these are unlikely to be the last to take such a step."

These pubs across Dublin include The Queens in Dalkey, The Donaghmede Inn and The Cardiff Inn, in Finglas.

On July 15, the owners and management of the Cardiff Inn on Cardiffsbridge Road, which first opened more than 50 years ago, posted a message on their Facebook page announcing the closure.

"Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 and the restrictions that would have to be put in place, we will not be opening back up," it said.

"All the staff would like to thank every one of the customers that supported us over the years.

"For me, the 21 years that I have been there for has been great and I wouldn't have changed a thing. Thanks again."

In June, the owners of the Donaghmede Inn sent a notice to staff saying it regretted the decision, and not being able to tell them the news in person.

"It is with great regret that we are sending this message to you all," it said.

"We, the directors, would have preferred to meet you individually, however due to the restrictions now in place, this is not possible at the moment.

"The unfortunate situation is that due to Covid-19, we will not be in a position to reopen.


"We wish to express, both our thanks to you for your contribution to the company over your term of employment and our regret that we were forced to take this action."

The LVA's Mr O'Keeffe said the association expects there will be significant further redundancies should the public health situation require additional delays in the reopening of pubs.

"This time last year, Dublin pubs were having difficulty finding sufficient staff, such were the number of jobs being created. How that picture has now changed," Mr O'Keeffe added.