Sunday 21 January 2018

Cinderella hunt for girl who left shoe in taxi

A real life Cinderella story has unfolded in Dublin after a single black Chanel shoe was found in a city centre taxi.

The expensive shoe was found on December 5, and the two girls who found it have been at pains ever since to find the owner.

Aisling O'Toole and Ciara McDonnell were on their way to work in a taxi last Friday when they spotted the classic shoe lying in the back seat.


"We just found it in the back of the taxi, and we thought we'd track the owner down."

Aisling says she feared the owner would be devastated at losing such a classic and expensive shoe, right before the Christmas season of parties and festivities began.

"We just thought, we have to find the owner.

"They're black latent leather pumps, and only a size three."

The tiny size gives one small clue to its finders that the woman is of small stature. Aisling jokes that she couldn't have taken the shoe, even if she'd wanted to.

"Apart from the fact that there's only one shoe, you couldn't wear them anyway because they're too small.

"I think the taxi driver didn't take us seriously at first, but we just said 'look this is a Chanel shoe, it's serious business'.

"He said we'd be better than him to track her down, so by the time we got to Dundrum we decided to take it with us.

"We think she loved them," explains Aisling, "because they were shiny and well taken care of. We knew they weren't new because they'd been re-soled."

Still baffled as to how the girl lost her Chanel, Aisling says it was lost during day light hours.

"The taxi man hadn't been on the night shift so we knew it hadn't been some girl who was drunk in the taxi."

A lady rang the Carriage Office to look for her precious shoe while it was still in Aisling's possession, it is understood.

However, in an unfortunate turn of events, the lady has not called since and the shoe now lies in wait of its owner in the Today FM offices at Digges Lane, Dublin 2.

Aisling, a self-professed shoe-lover added that every girl has a passion for shoes and would understand the need to get the shoe back to the foot that fits. "She clearly loves them. If I lost a Chanel shoe I'd want it back too."

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