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Christmas shopping traffic relief as non-essential roadworks to halt

It's good new for motorists in Dublin city as all non-essential roadworks will cease over the festive period.

"Operation open city" will commence on Sunday December 7, and run straight through until Christmas Eve.

"It is designed to play a key role in the effective management of traffic through the Christmas period," a spokeswoman for Dublin City Council said.

"The aim of the operation is to facilitate the movement of public transport and minimise disruption to the general public through high visibility and enforcement activity," she said.

A number of agencies will be involved in the operation which will be fronted by the gardai.

"All non-essential road works will cease for the period of the operation. Where essential road works are necessary, disruption to traffic flows will be kept to a minimum," the spokeswoman said.

Luas Cross City Works will continue, however no additional disruption to traffic flow will be permitted under the new arrangements. It will be a Dublin-wide initiative.

Retail Excellence Ireland and the Irish Chambers of Commerce have said that the next 30 days will be crucial for many Irish retail shoppers, who after years of austerity, are now intensely value-focused.

In addition, ISME, the Irish Small & Medium Enterprises Association, is urging consumers to buy Irish goods.

"With Irish shoppers set to spend upwards of €1,500 each at Christmas, we are calling on them to carefully consider where they spend that money.


"Buying quality Irish from locally based stores gives a mega boost to the local economy," said Chief Executive Mark Fielding.

"Every €10 spent locally on Irish products can generate up to €24 benefit in the local economy," Mr Fielding said.

The repaving of Grafton Street was finished well ahead of schedule, in time for the festivities, and the new street lighting will be installed and operational in the coming months.