Monday 20 November 2017

Christmas market may boost area after Clerys closure

Neela Desai owner of Fusion hair and Beauty on North Earl Street
David Glennon who works in Madigans pub on North Earl Street
Christmas market Dublin
North Earl Street
Daniel Bruma owner of Value4U on North Earl Street.

Traders on North Earl Street have mixed views about the prospects of a Christmas market coming to the area.

The market, which is a feature of many European cities, got its first outing in St Stephen's Green last year. However, there was much disquiet among some businesses in the vicinity amid claims they were losing customers to the market.

However, the business organisation Dublin Town is considering holding the market on North Earl Street this year, along the side of the former Clerys department store.

Stalls could also be placed on O'Connell Steet.

David Glennon (54), who works in Madigan's bar on North Earl Street, said he thinks it is a great idea to bring the Christmas market to the area.

"I think the street would actually need it this year because of Clerys being closed down. I think it would be good for the street, good for the area, and good for the shops around here.


"Everywhere would benefit from it, all the businesses of the street and further on," said David.

"More people mean more business," was the view of Neela Desai (40), owner of Fusion Hair and Beauty.

North Earl Street


Meanwhile, Daniel Bruma (27) owner of Value4U believed it would be good if the stalls sold food.

"It depends on what they are selling," said Daniel about his views on the market.

He said he would be concerned if they sold the same as he sells and would like to see more details about it.


Meanwhile CEO of Dublin Town Richard Guiney said the body is working with the council, gardai and the local business community.

"We would like to do something to animate that general space," he said.

"There will still be a bit of work to be done on that, but certainly our initial conversations are very positive with everybody," he said.

However, he said it is too early to make an announcement on the Christmas markets.

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