Tuesday 21 November 2017

'Christmas jumpers aren't fashionable but they are great fun', say top stylists

Cathy O’Connor encourages everyone to wear a Christmas jumper and loves ‘to see guys out with them in particular’ Picture: Brian McEvoy
Cathy O’Connor encourages everyone to wear a Christmas jumper and loves ‘to see guys out with them in particular’ Picture: Brian McEvoy

Style-conscious shoppers can rest easy this season as top stylist Cathy O'Connor has given her blessing to seasonal favourite novelty jumpers - but has ruled them unfashionable.

Christmas jumpers are back in business this festive season, with those wearing one recently getting a free trip on the Luas.

Cathy reckons there is no way to make the gaudy get-up look stylish and revealed she does not own one herself.

"It's not fashionable, absolutely not. They are meant to be garish and worn at one time of the year. I don't have any," she told the Herald.

However, the Ballsbridge woman has encouraged everyone to throw on a Christmas jumper this year.

"They're great fun. I love to see guys out with them in particular," she said.

Fellow stylist Courtney Smith agreed, saying there is a time and a place for the jumpers.


"They're a bit of fun. I think there's a time and a place for them and that is on the pub crawl. They're obviously not meant to be fashion-forward but it does what it says on the tin," she said.

Cathy has noticed some consistent style trends emerging time and again each winter, with many ladies counteracting the dull weather with sparkle.

"What happens at this time of year is everything gets sparkly, which is amazing. Our appetite for glitz never seems to die. At Christmas almost everyone is sparkly.

"What I love in particular are jumpsuits, they give you a little bit more street cred. A little more edgy.

"You can wear them with a sparkly bomber jacket. I think it's more individual than a guna," she added.

Courtney reckons sparkles will never go out of style during the Christmas season and says that velvet is also very popular.

"You see a lot of sequins and you see a lot of velvet. People want to get into that festive vibe. It comes back every Christmas regardless of what the trends are.

"I think we're all magpies anyway and we get away with it a lot more around Christmas. Everyone likes to have a little bit of sparkle in their wardrobe," she said.

Courtney advises those looking to add some colour to their wardrobe to go for jewel tones.

"I know jewel tones are much bigger at Christmas, so if you are looking to wear colour, they are probably the ones to go for.

"Emeralds and rubies and those kind of ones. It will look a little more expensive and luxurious rather than going for brighter tones," she said.

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