Tuesday 16 October 2018

Chilling footage of on-the-loose Samurai raider

MANHUNT: Gardai to issue TV alert

THIS is the Samurai Sword Psycho being hunted by gardai this evening.

The armed and dangerous thief was trembling as he held the weapon up to a shop worker at a Southside service station.

Amazingly the victim of the terrifying robbery showed a cool nerve as he pushed the sword away and pressed the panic alarm as the raider became increasingly agitated.

Gardai are so concerned about the robber at the Esso On The Run store they will tonight broadcast a TV appeal.

The agitated raider -- who got away with just €100 -- struck at the shop on the Dublin-bound carriageway of the N11 at Cabinteely.

Assistant manager Robert Farrelly (36) was on duty at around 9.30am on Sunday, February 5, when the lone raider barged into the shop.

The raider pulled the sword from his tracksuit bottoms and started waving it around before jabbing Mr Farrelly and demanding money.

"It was shocking. It was first thing on a Sunday morning and it's the last thing you'd expect," said Robert.

"You think people would be coming in looking for the Sunday papers, not waving a sword around.

"I don't know what goes through your head, I just thought I have to do what he says."

The raider, growing increasingly aggressive, threw a black bag on the counter.

He tried to hold the sword while shielding his identity from CCTV cameras by pushing a scarf up to his face.

"He was aggressive and I was afraid he would take a swing with the sword. He was quite big and was holding the sword by the blade," Robert explained.

"I was fairly calm throughout and managed to press the panic button during the robbery."

Robert had been working on the forecourt just before the robbery and was wearing a heavy jacket, but he could feel the blade when the raider poked him with it.

"He was trembling. I waved the sword away a couple of times and that seemed to unsettle him," Robert explained.

"The garage across the road had been robbed the previous night and you do not expect two robberies in such a small space of time."

The raider's face will be shown on RTE's Crimecall programme at 10.15pm tonight as gardai try to identify him.


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