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children dicing with death at abandoned towers

THese are the shocking scenes of young children abseiling down the side of an abandoned tower in Ballymun.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube, shows a group of boys and girls abseiling down the side of the derelict flat complex in north Dublin.

Children perched on the edge of the sixth floor of the building before grabbing a rope and then lowering themselves to the ground.

It is understood that one of the children suffered an injury, but it is not believed to be serious.

One of the girls was even encouraged to “go fast” by a friend watching from the ground.

The description accompanying the video says that parents and gardai were nowhere to be seen as the group continued to play for hours.

An ambulance was called to the scene for one child who fell during the dangerous game.

The shaky video lasts for over a minute and has attracted more than 15,000 views in two days.


Sinn Fein councillor for the Ballymun area Noeleen Reilly told

“The situation is potentially life-threatening with children and teenagers getting into trouble there,” she said.

“The buildings are not secure enough and Dublin City Council needs to up security.

“The buildings are a hub for anti-social behaviour, with fires being set every night, and now this.”

A garda spokesperson said gardai had ultimately no input into the fate of the buildings as that was a matter for Dublin City Council.

The buildings are the last of the legendary complexes to face demolition, but Ms Reilly said the summer date is simply not good enough.

The unsightly flats complex, previously described by architects as the “worst planning disaster” in Dublin’s history, are at the centre of a regeneration project.

The “new Ballymun” was due for completion last year, but the recession has stalled development.