Friday 15 December 2017

Child in hospital as swine flu returns

A chilD has had to be hospitalised after being diagnosed with swine flu, it has emerged.

This is the first reported case in Ireland this autumn of the pandemic virus that caused so much panic last year.

The country's disease watchdog revealed that a child, who is under five years old had been diagnosed with swine flu, only a week after another case of influenza A -- a common strain -- was reported last week.

Thankfully, the country is prepared to fight the potentially deadly virus this year with a vaccine that protects against the disease, which was infecting 7,000 people a week this time last year.

One jab of the vaccine, which is now available, will protect against swine flu and two other common types of the virus.

Three children aged between five and 14 years died from swine flu last year in Ireland.

Parents have been warned to take extra precautions and get their children vaccinated as soon as possible


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