Monday 22 January 2018

Chief suspect still at large as gardai quiz 7 over killing

GARDAI have still not arrested the chief suspect for the murder of a 30-year-old criminal who was shot dead at his home in October, despite making seven arrests in the case yesterday.

Shane Rossiter was shot dead in a house in Golden, Co Tipperary, on October 17.

Five men and two women aged from their early 20s to early 40s are still being quizzed at various Co Tipperary stations today on suspicion of withholding information about the murder.


Sources say that there is no Dublin link to the murder and that "it was very much a localised matter", despite the fact that Dublin criminal Paul 'Poncho' McCarthy was staying in Rossiter's home when he was shot dead.

In a previous interview with the Herald, 'Poncho', who is now hiding out abroad, said: "I had been in the house in Golden for a couple of days. We had been up all night -- Shane, Shane's sister Sharon, my cousin and me.

"Shane was looking for some grass -- some green. Shane rang someone to organise it that morning and then a car pulled up outside. It was a set-up.

"I went out and said to them 'what's the craic' and then I saw the shotgun so I just legged it. They saw Shane and they shot him in the back -- I just jumped over the wall and ran into the graveyard, they fired at me as well.

"The car had blacked out windows. I was not the intended target but they could have killed me as well.

"I am in bits over this, of course I am - I went to Tipperary because of the threats on me in Dublin.

"When the gardai came, I was taken to Tipperary Garda Station. I was kept there for hours on Wednesday. The gardai took my mobile phone -- I have still not got it back -- they say they need it as part of the murder investigation."


Rossiter had been deported from Australia just a month before his murder.

By 2008, Rossiter had earned almost 20 criminal convictions for offences committed in Tipperary including assault, burglary, sale and supply of drugs and public order offences.

His teenage brother Brian died 10 years ago after he fell into a coma in Garda custody in their hometown of Clonmel.


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