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Cheers as 11 countries set for beer summit here

Poor labelling could be misleading drinkers as to where their favourite beer comes from, according to consumer group Beoir.

Currently, brewers are exempt from declaring the place of production. The matter is up for discussion at a gathering of beer consumers' organisations coming to Dublin this weekend.

The 50th meeting of the European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) will be held on Friday and Saturday. It will draw delegates from 11 different European countries representing over 220,000 beer drinkers.

"It is essential that beer drinkers have all relevant information available to them when they choose which beer to drink," said Beoir's Chairman Reuben Gray.

Beoir has campaigned on issues of drinkers' rights since 2010 and is the EBCU's newest member, having joined in 2012.

The EBCU is seeking a change to the current lax laws as part of the European Union's general revision of food labelling rules.

Mr Gray said he also looks forward to showing delegates the range and quality of Irish craft beer now available in Dublin's pubs and restaurants.

They will be visiting two Dublin microbreweries, The Porterhouse and JW Sweetman.

Alfie Byrne's pub and L Mulligan Grocer will also feature in the social programme.