Monday 21 May 2018

'Champagne Killer' Karl Breen found dead of suspected overdose

Karl Breen in 2007, inset the apartment complex where his body was found
Karl Breen in 2007, inset the apartment complex where his body was found
Karl Breen in 2007
Karl Breen in an image on a Facebook account
Karl Breen in an image on a Facebook account
Tolka Vale Apartment Block 1 scene of the discovery of a man's body
Garda: File photo

Gang leader Karl Breen has been found dead from a suspected drugs overdose at an apartment in Finglas.

The grim discovery was made by Breen’s sister and her partner who had to break into the property at around 11pm last night when there was no answer at the door.

Breen (34) – who ruled the Clondalkin-based Infamous D22 gang – was released from prison last year after serving seven years of a nine-year sentence for the manslaughter of his friend, Martin McLaughlin, on January 1, 2006 at Jurys Croke Park Hotel.

He was dubbed the ‘Champagne Killer’ because he had been drinking bottles of Moet in the hotel room before the fatal stabbing.

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Before being jailed Breen ruled the Clondalkin-based Infamous D22 drug gang.

Ever since his release he has been lying low in hotels and apartments having fallen out with many key members of the Dublin crime scene.

He would periodically post pictures of himself on his Facebook page, gesturing as if to taunt gardai or his enemies and rivals.

But sources say Breen was becoming increasingly paranoid about his safe       ty and his own security arrangements especially in recent weeks and had barricaded himself in the apartment.

The only people who knew where he lived at any particular time were close family who he was in regular contact with.

He had spoken with relatives on Sunday afternoon but it was yesterday that the lines of communication ceased and they started to worry.


By nightfall they were so concerned about Breen that they went looking for him.

They went to the apartment at Block 1 in the Tolka Vale complex on the Finglas Road and broke in when they got no response at around 11pm.

Breen was found dead inside but there were no signs of foul play and senior sources say that they are satisfied that he died from a drugs overdose.

It is understood that tablets were found in the apartment.

A window on the ground floor of Block 1 could be seen to have been shattered, possibly by a fire extinguisher which a resident brought back in from the doorway this morning after finding it had been taken from its station.

Other residents said they did not know Breen and were shocked to see gardai at the apartment complex at around 4am.

Sources say that they are not treating the death as suspicious but are carrying out a preliminary investigation on a procedural basis.

Gardai maintained a discreet presence at the apartment this morning pending the arrival of members of the technical bureau who arrived at 9am.

An ambulance from Dublin City Morgue than arrived at 10.15am.


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