Saturday 17 August 2019

'Cervical cancer a silent killer', says RTE's Maura

RTE's Maura Derrane
RTE's Maura Derrane

RTE's Maura Derrane has said becoming a mum has changed her for the better as she's much more vigilant about her health.

She helped launch the 'Pearl of Wisdom' campaign which coincides with Cervical Cancer prevention week and encourages women to get regular smear tests.

The co-presenter of RTE's Today show said she would have put off having the test done in the past.

"Like many women, I would have been guilty of ignoring the issue and not going for regular smears. You make all sorts of excuses about how you're very busy and you don't have the time.

"You say to yourself, 'I've just had one done' but it could actually have been a year or two, so the reminders are great,'' she said.

''This campaign has given me a kick up the backside and encouraged me to get it done and I just went to my own GP under the Cervical Check programme. The thing about cervical cancer is it's a silent killer, there's no obvious symptoms.

"There's no history of cervical cancer in my family, but I've done enough interviews in my life to know it's not something you can leave to chance."


Maura said that being a mum to Cal (2), her son with TD husband John Deasy, made her become more health conscious.

"Maybe with age does come a little bit more wisdom and you look at your life more closely.

"Since I had Cal, I'm more aware of my own health and you do have a responsibility to look after yourself more when you're a mum."

She is also overhauling her attitude to working out and keeping fit and has signed up with a new personal trainer near the RTE studio in Cork.

"I need to lose about 10lbs. I ate and drank everything around me over Christmas and I just feel like I want to tone up a little," she said.

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