Thursday 14 December 2017

'Celebrity parties are tiresome', says Sheehan

Actor Robert Sheehan
Actor Robert Sheehan

Actor Robert Sheehan has said he stays away from celebrity circles because he has no interest in plugging brands.

The Love/Hate star won't be found sipping champagne and mingling with other famous faces at social events, as he finds them "tiresome".

"The celebrity circuit tends to be parties with an agenda - 'come to this party, it's for a brand of headphones'. That's not a party," he said.

"Personally I don't really see the value in that. I understand the value of promotion, but I find it a little bit tiresome."

Along with filming the romantic comedy The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight with US star Hailee Steinfeld, the Laois man has recently been working on new movie Jet Trash.

In the film, which is a thriller about a pair of young backpackers travelling through India, Robert (27) worked as both an actor and a producer.


After his stint behind the camera, he is now keen to do more producing and is also keen to get involved in screenwriting - something he has already tried his hand at.

"I wrote a couple of things recently and sent them to friends of mine who are scriptwriters," the former Misfits star told Hunger TV.

"They were like 'it's good man', which is great. Once you've made something it's impossible to have any sort of objectivity.

"I'll definitely continue to make stuff from the ground up, to be an 'auteur' as well as an actor."

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