Sunday 23 September 2018

Celebrity Diary with Caroline Morahan: I was in heaven dress shopping for the IFTAs

IFTA FIlm and Drama Awards 2015 Caroline Morahan
IFTA FIlm and Drama Awards 2015 Caroline Morahan
Caroline Morahan, with Lorna Dolan - 8 years old and Liam Tolan - 8 years old

I'm presenting this year's IFTA Awards and this week I had the serious business of choosing dresses for the big night.

Luckily I had ingenious stylists at Brown Thomas who had selected the most spectacular collection of designer gowns, jewellery and show-stopping shoes for me to try.

I was in girlie heaven, there were so many incredible dresses to pick from.

I tried on loads of different looks, but despite my best efforts and industrial strength Spanx, the fuschia Alexander McQueen strapless silk chiffon number picked out for me refused to zip up. Curses.

But there were so many to choose from so I stopped lamenting the fact I'm not a size eight and moved on.

It was love at first sight with a beautiful Armani dress that I knew was going to be perfect for the red carpet.

Afterwards the stylists and I debated whether to wear open toe or closed point Louboutins.

Either way, they're Louboutins so I'm happy.

For another event this week, I also had the pleasure of shopping in Louise Kennedy's amazinf store in Merrion Square.

She's a great Irish designer and my mother, my sister and I had a great time looking through the rails.


It has been a hectic few week as I try to get prepared for the show because I'm so busy.

Yesterday I had to jet into London early in the morning for a few business meetings.

Travelling can be lonely and I was delighted to discover my cousin Irene was also in London for work.

My stay is short and sweet and I'm coming back today because there's no time to waste before the big night on Sunday.

I'm very excited about it.


Pretending to eat ice cream was tough task

I was conscious I needed to fit into some figure-hugging gear for the IFTAs, so I've been watching what I eat.

I was helping Down Syndrome Ireland to launch Ireland's Ice Cream Fundays in the Botanic Gardens but I had to resist the temptation and just pretended to eat the ice-cream.

Caroline Morahan, with Lorna Dolan - 8 years old and Liam Tolan - 8 years old

Lorna and Liam were the stars of the photo and were having great fun tucking into a bowl of strawberries and ice-cream. It's a great campaign that's raised over €3m to date.

Later that day I had to dash across the city to the head office of the Irish Film and Television Academy.

We had our first big script meeting and the office was a buzz.

The place looked like the bullpen of an American cop show - but instead of photos of suspects and theories pinned all over the walls, it was a collection of Ireland's most talented actors and staging plans.

We had a great session throwing ideas around. After a long meeting, I left happy that we've got a snappy, fun blueprint already in place.


I'm forever reading up on homeopathy

I can't wait for the IFTAs but in the meantime I also have another important event to prepare for.

I've been asked to open an international conference celebrating 25 years of homeopathy in Ireland this weekend and I'm very excited about it.

I've always been very health aware and for 20 years now have used homeopathy to keep me feeling good and to fend off illness.

Doctors and homoeopaths will be flying in from all over the world, so I need to work out what I'm going to say in front of all these experts.

Hopefully, if I have time, I'll get to stick around for some of the lectures - I find it so interesting.

I first discovered how useful homeopathy can be when I was sitting my Leaving Cert and I was seriously stressed out.

I have no idea what remedy I was prescribed but it really helped me to calm down and get through the exams.

Since then I'm forever reading up on it.

It's helped me a lot, including with overcoming stage fright, which will prove very handy over the next week.

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