Saturday 19 January 2019

Cecelia pays tribute to 'cool' hubby, David (even if he hasn't read all of her books...)

Writer Cecelia Ahern has paid tribute to her "modern" husband as the traditional breadwinner roles have been reversed in their Malahide home.

Cecelia said her husband David Keoghan is not at all uncomfortable that she brings in the most.

"I have a husband who's totally cool and modern," the mum-of-two said.

"Neither of us are traditional or like rules. We don't try and change each other.

"With a job like this, it is quite stressful and he's very helpful. I do need him to be that supportive," she said about David.

And the author with millions of book sales under her belt revealed that her hubby has only read a select number of her novels.

"He doesn't really like reading anyway, and he prefers non-fiction. He reads Roy Keane books," she said.

David trained as an actor and appeared in a recent film Cecelia wrote for German television.

Next month will see the release of Love, Rosie, which is a film based on her novel Where Rainbows End.


Cecelia turns 33 tomorrow and is set to celebrate the occasion with a movie premiere at Leicester Square.

She now has 11 novels to her name and has sold a staggering 15m books.

Speaking about how she works she said: "I write my novels from January to June. I'm usually finished in four or five months. Then I edit in the summer. September, October, November is promotion time and that's when I travel.

"Every week is three nights max in a different country. I'm just about keeping my head above water.

"I've a two-year-old and a four-year-old, and I think it's enough for me.

"It's not even enough, it's too much, but it's doable," she added.

Since having children, she works from 10am to 6pm outside her house.

"I thought that would be uncreative, but it does work," she said in an interview with The Sunday Times.

She took a year off writing at 27, got married and had a baby, and "just felt like I got my priorities right."


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