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CCTV cameras to catch illegal dump culprits

CITY bosses are to place CCTV cameras at 'dumping hotspots' to try to catch the culprits.

A recent survey of just five different locations found that 2,697 bags were dumped last year, up by 281 on 2011.

Areas such as Collins Avenue and Coolock, as well as Grangegorman and the North Strand, have seen increases in the number of bags dumped.

In Dublin city centre, the council's rapid response waste team dealt with 1,175 reports of dumped sofas, rubble and electrical goods last year.

Despite some parts of the capital experiencing a drop in the number of dumping incidents, a raft of new measures is being rolled out, including:

•The installation of CCTV cameras at locations where vehicles are used in 'the commission of the offence';

•Litter wardens to be tasked with removing bags to inspect for evidence that could identify offenders;

•Increased monitoring of dumping hot spots;

•Greater enforcement of waste-management bye-laws and the issuing of fines.

Independent councillor Damian O'Farrell said it is "imperative" that those involved are caught.


"Dumping is having a serious impact in communities, many of which are working very hard to keep their areas looking well.

"I welcome the measures being driven by the council and its staff and I think it's imperative that this is taken seriously so that the culprits can be caught."

A council spokeswoman said: "The city council has a statutory responsibility to enforce the Litter Pollution Acts. The possibility of enforcement action being taken acts as a deterrent to would-be offenders.

"This enforcement action is initiated with the issue of a litter fine of €150. In the event of the fine not being paid, legal proceedings are commenced.

"Before a litter fine can be issued, details of the name and address of the offender must be obtained.

"Practical ways of obtaining this information are for our litter wardens to search through dumped bags with a view to finding evidence that assists in identifying the offenders, and also the installation of CCTV cameras at known dumping locations, particularly where vehicles are being used in the commission.

"The registered owner and user of the vehicle is guilty of an offence in these circumstances."