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CCTV cameras to be reinstated in troubled gang feud estate


Council chief Joan Mitchell

Council chief Joan Mitchell

Council chief Joan Mitchell

Louth county council has confirmed it is engaged in a tender process for the re- instatement of CCTV cameras for the Moneymore area of Drogheda.

Moneymore has been impacted by the bloody gang feud, and an inter-agency committee was formed last year in response to the violence.

The committee is chaired by the chief executive of Louth County Council, Joan Martin, and the members are from a range of local statutory and development agencies.

It met again in recent days following the escalation of violence in the town.

"Tragically, the Drogheda feud has escalated with devastating impact and has cost the lives of three people," Ms Martin said.

"The reputation of Drogheda has also suff-ered, and we need to work together to support and implement actions to repair this damage."

When the agency was formed last year, a comm- itment was given that agencies would work collaboratively to deliver on a series of actions that would improve people's experience of living in the area.


A number of those actions have been acted on, and yesterday Ms Martin said: "A commitment was also given to the Moneymore community that CCTV would be reintroduced in the area.

"Louth County Council is currently engaged in a tender process for the awarding of a contract to re-instate CCTV into Moneymore and other areas, and provision to fund this scheme is with the Government."

The committee also agreed to increase monitoring and implementation of the actions identified by the committee, based on the concerns of local residents.

In a statement issued yesterday, the agency said that at the meeting, Garda Chief Superintendent Christy Mangan said he was satisfied with the level of policing resources at his disposal, and added that An Garda Siochana will continue to provide effective policing for the people of Drogheda.

However, he said that in addition to policing, inter-agency work and collaboration in areas such as infrastructure improvements, community development initiatives and educational opportunities were also required to reduce instances of feuding.