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Catatonia's Cerys gets her MBE at the palace

Prince Charles presented rock star and radio presenter Cerys Matthews (45) with her MBE - and congratulated her in Welsh.

Charles bestowed the honour on the singer (pictured) during a ceremony at Buckingham Palace, and took the opportunity to demonstrate his knowledge of the language.

"He said congratulations in Welsh, which is a tough word - llongyfarchiadau," Matthews said.

"I recently was invited to one of his and Camilla's evenings in the Llwynywermod, where he has a house.


"It's a very magical part of the world and it sort of makes sense that he's got a place there because of his interest in botany and the natural sciences, so we talked about that."

Matthews, who was born in Cardiff and raised in Swansea, is best known as the lead singer of pop band Catatonia, but feels just as at home humming along to centuries-old folk tunes.

"I've been a collector of songs since I was a child," she said.

"Early jazz, country blues, Spanish songs, Catalan songs, Welsh, Irish - I think you find so much about humans and their history, the story of man, in a beautiful two-minute song, she said.