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Cast and crew were left completely in the dark about the shocking finale

MEMBERS of the cast of Love/Hate have spoken of theirshock an awe surrounding the show, in the wake of what might be the last ever episode.

Aoibhinn McGinnity, who plays the character of Trish, wife of crime boss Nidge on the show, posted a picture on Instragram of her and the crew.

It has emerged that the actors were left completely in the dark about shocking end of the fifth series, which involved the apparent death of many of the main characters.

"Our faces when we read [episode] 6," she tweeted, along side a picture of Laurence Kinlan, who played Elmo, Charlie Murphy (Siobhan), John Connors (Patrick), herself and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, who played Nidge.

Charlie Murphy wrote on Twitter: "Mornin all! What a roller coaster eh?! Thanks for all the lovely msgs!x"

Kieran O'Reilly, the real-life garda who also played a detective on the show, also took to the social network after the end of the last episode.


Posting a picture (far right) of himself and Aoibhinn he said: "If there is a Season 6! Don't worry Trish, I'll mind ya!!" " he wrote.

He also tweeted a picture of the all of the garda characters from the show alongside Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, aka Nidge, and said "we got him! (Kind of)."

Mr O'Reilly, who was involved in controversy after it emerged that he was a garda in real life, also said that he would be up all night following the episode.

"I'm just walking around the house ... not a hope of getting to sleep tonight," he wrote following the broadcast.

Laurence Kinlan, who played Elmo, tweeted immediately following the episode: "Wow!! So proud to be part of an incredible show. F**king amazing!!"

This morning he said: "Looking back on last night's episode Nidge, looking back at Warren in the window before he gets shot was heart-breaking."

But it wasn't just actors with roles in the hit series that went online to voice their approval for the RTE show.


Hollywood star Saoirse Ronan was also impressed with the final episode.

"Love/Hate SO BRAVE to have an ending to the season like that. Brilliant tv!" she wrote.

Ms Ronan's father, veteran actor Paul Ronan, managed to snap up a part in the recent series. He was first seen filming a scene in April this year in the Phoenix Park and it later emerged that he was playing the role of a drugs courier.

Carlow native Paul, whose daughter has had massive success on both sides of the Atlantic, is also a well-known actor in his own right and co-starred with Brad Pitt in IRA movie The Devil's Own.

Broadcaster Lucy Kennedy reacted: "To the Love/Hate cast..I've been a loyal fan since day 1 and I thought I'd seen it all BUT tonight, You certainly saved the best til last."

Meanwhile, the runners worn by Nidge in the final episode are attracting a cult following.

The runners were purchased for the crime lord by Trish and personalised with the words "King" and "Nidge," written on the back of the shoes.

The customised Nike Air Max 90s are for sale on the sportswear company's website for (£140) €178.25.