Wednesday 23 January 2019

Cartel thug targeted innocent family home in a 'show of strength'

Damaged door of the house that was shot at in Finglas
Damaged door of the house that was shot at in Finglas

A Finglas drug dealer and key Kinahan associate, who is believed by gardai to be the intended target of a foiled murder bid, is understood to have been behind the shooting attack on the home of an innocent member of the Hutch family.

The targeting of the house in Finglas in the early hours of Saturday, is seen as the latest act of aggression in the ongoing Kinahan/Hutch feud that has claimed a dozen lives so far, including those of two innocent men.

Gardai believe a 25-year-old drug dealer, who is a major player in the Kinahan operation in Dublin, ordered the attack on the house as a show of strength.

The front door and window of the property were hit by three bullets in the attack and, although there were people in the house at the time, there were no reports of injuries.

The damage to the door and window was still clearly visible yesterday, and the bullet holes and shattered glass had been covered in plastic film.


A garda spokesman said no arrests had been made but the matter was under investigation.

Sources said one line of inquiry was that the drug dealer was anxious to impress Kinahan bosses and had been flexing his muscles in the north-west of the city.

Tensions have been high in the area in recent days, and gardai have set up a number of checkpoints to try to keep a lid on a potential powder keg of murderous violence.

The suspect behind the shooting is believed to be under threat from a number of criminal groups because of his reckless and threatening behaviour.

"He's been stepping on a lot of toes over the last few months," a source said.

The drug dealer has become the new kingpin for the Kinahan cartel in a major north Dublin patch.

He has stepped into the shoes of a psychotic criminal in his 30s, who is suspected of involvement in at least two feud murders but has fled Ireland for the UK.

The 25-year-old was refused entry to the US after trying to travel with a large group of associates to Las Vegas in August for Conor McGregor's showdown with Floyd Mayweather.

Sources said he has a core network of at least 20 loyal associates, all of whom are regularly stopped and searched by gardai.


The force's heavily-armed Emergency Response Unit has been involved in a number of raids targeting the gang and has spotted bulletproof windows and doors in many of the rented north Dublin properties connected to the mob.

Despite all the garda activity against him in recent months, the major drugs trafficker has so far managed to evade serious charges.

In recent months, the thug has issued a number of threats against other criminals operating in north Dublin, including convicted armed robbers Alan 'Fatpuss' Bradley and Wayne Bradley.

Gardai are aware of an incident last Christmas in which the dealer threw an object, believed to be a rock, at an SUV carrying Wayne Bradley.

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