Monday 18 February 2019

Carrigstown in shock as killer Kerri-Ann is arrested

Charlotte reacts angrily when she discovers Kerri-Ann is the killer in tonight’s Fair City episode
Charlotte reacts angrily when she discovers Kerri-Ann is the killer in tonight’s Fair City episode

The residents of Carrigstown are left reeling when Kerri-Ann is arrested in tonight's Fair City.

Riddled with guilt, she cracked and finally told her husband, Decco, that she murdered Karen.

However, he did not react the way she had hoped and ended up trashing the house in a rage.

He accuses his wife of using him, as she begs him to stand by her. The couple have been in turmoil after Decco discovered Kerri-Ann had cheated on him.

Meanwhile, Dolores is surprised when she hears about Kerri-Ann's plans to leave for Spain immediately, so she can start a new life and escape the speculation surrounding Karen's death. Things end up going from bad to worse for her when she realises the murder weapon has gone missing.

Viewers saw Kerri-Ann obsessively clean the screwdriver to get rid of any evidence, while Yates interrogated the likes of Oisin, Sean, Wayne and Orla over Karen's death.

Kerri-Ann turns the house upside down looking for the missing screwdriver, as she begs Decco to help her make an escape before Detective Yates closes in. Decco's sister, Sash, interrupts their search and is shocked when Decco tells her the truth. His other sister, Charlotte, reacts furiously when she learns Kerri-Ann is the killer.


The whole family looks on in horror as Yates arrives and leads Kerri-Ann away in handcuffs.

Yates and fellow officer Deegan had been conspiring to catch Kerri-Ann for some time, and their opportunity arises when they see her in McCoy's pub. In panic, she quickly leaves and Yates takes her glass for fingerprinting. Carol, who had been another suspect in the murder, spots Kerri-Ann and calls Robbie to let him know.

Speaking about the dramatic storyline, actress Jenny Dixon, who plays Kerri-Ann, said her character put all her faith in her husband, hoping he would stand by her.

"She believes her husband, Decco Bishop, will know what to do to save her," she said.

Fair City is on RTE One tonight at 8pm

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