Sunday 19 November 2017

'Caroline will hit the big time after US debut', says co-star

Caroline Morahan and Glenn Keogh in Once Upon A Time
Caroline Morahan and Glenn Keogh in Once Upon A Time

Caroline Morahan got her big break in US fantasy series Once Upon A Time and her co-star Glenn Keogh said she's had loads of offers since.

The show brings fairy tales into real life and the pair played King Fergus and Queen Eleanor, the parents of Princess Merida from the Disney movie Brave.

"The episode pulled some incredible figures, around 12m people watch the show every week," Mr Keogh said.

"She's booked even more work off the back of that and she has a lot of stuff in the pipeline.

"I think everyone will hear a lot more about Caroline next year and it's been well-deserved because she's been working away at it for seven years now," he added.

Mr Keogh (41) has previously starred in Transformers: Age of Extinction and US soap Days of Our Lives. His latest role was playing the dad of Irish genius Walter O'Brien in the US show based on his life called Scorpion.


Wexford man O'Brien claims he has an IQ of 195 and that he hacked Nasa at the age of 13. The CBS drama is based on his experiences since he set up Scorpion Computer Services in 1988, which invents technologies such as those used to track down the Boston bombers.

"After I started on the show, he tracked me down and we walked in the Paddy's Day parade together in LA and we've become friends," Mr Keogh told the Anton Savage Show on Today FM.

"He rang me on Monday night to say he'd been awarded by the US military for saving millions of lives in Operation Desert Storm [during the Gulf War].

"He's a really interesting character, he doesn't want to talk about women or football or general problems.

"He's saving the world and developing solutions to problems about things the average person can't understand," Mr Keogh said.

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