Monday 11 December 2017

Caroline red-faced on TV's 'Apprentice'

Show: Caroline Desmond. Photo: Brian McEvoy
Show: Caroline Desmond. Photo: Brian McEvoy

FROM glamorous businesswoman to an embarrassed lackey, promotion boss Caroline Desmond has revealed how her Celebrity Apprentice role left her with a few red-faced moments.

The MCD chief will front the first season of Irish Celebrity Apprentice, which will hit screens as part of TV3's new autumn schedule at the end of September.

Viewers will watch as the businesswoman puts eight celebrities through their paces, aided by assistants John McGuire and ex-TD Liz O'Donnell.

While it was the celebrities under the spotlight, Caroline said she got plenty of flack from her MCD employees during filming.

"There was one scene that was so embarrassing," Caroline told the Herald.

"The rig was being built for the Rihanna gig and we went down to shoot there. All the crew were there in their shorts and I had to walk through all of them in very dressy clothes, which never really happens.

"The crew were all looking at me going, 'Oh yeah, what is she like'," laughed Caroline.


Celebrity Apprentice will run for six weeks, and Caroline is worried about seeing herself on screen.

"I am very vain and I suppose you worry about how you are perceived as well.

The 51-year-old has three children – Zach (25), Storm (23) and Jett (20) – with MCD partner and husband Denis Desmond.

"Originally, when I was asked to do it, I was saying, 'They must be mistaken; I'm really nice', but my kids were like, 'No, Mum, you have an evil side to you'. So I don't want to see my evil side on screen," she laughed.


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