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Caroline 'cracking up' at rehearsals as she prepares for Abbey stage debut

Caroline Morahan is set to make her Abbey Theatre debut this Christmas and she has been gushing to the Diary all about her incredible costumes.

She's teaming up with comedian Jon Kenny for the festive production of She Stoops to Conquer and has relocated to Dublin from LA until the play ends.

"Rehearsals are going great, it's just so much fun. The play is so hilarious that you're just cracking up the whole time, watching other people's scenes and what they bring to the play," she said.

"And also it's such an amazing cast of actors that you're seeing them come up with stuff that you're like 'oh my God, that's genius' and there's all the happy accidents that happen when you're messing around and you think 'oh that's really great'. It's such fun, it's like being a kid and playing pretend."


And their exquisite costumes have Caroline (37) feeling like she's in another era.

"The costumes are amazing, they're unbelievable. I showed a picture to my friend's husband, and he said 'oh my God, that's like a Caravaggio painting'.

"They are very specific to that period of time - that style of dress was only in fashion for those 10 years and they are that precise. They're like 'you can't have a zipper on that boot because they haven't come in yet' so it's all absolutely authentic," Caroline gushed.

"It's just such a privilege - they're all so passionate that you can't help but get really excited. Although it is difficult to wear, the costumes are very constricting.

"I have two costumes because the whole concept of She Stoops To Conquer is that I am stooping by pretending to be a bar maid in half the play to get the eye of a potential lover - which is a posh way of saying 'boyfriend' in those days," she added.

And Caroline will be based in Dublin for three months, meaning she's doing long distance with her hubbie Daithi O Caoimh who is working in LA.

"He is flying over for Christmas and to see the play. Although I feel like he's here because Face Time is so incredible and you can keep up to date on absolutely everything that's happening.

"We catch up on all the boring stuff as well as the exciting stuff which is important because the boring stuff is what makes you united," she admitted.