Friday 22 February 2019

Carline's treasurer won't say if 'missing' €161k will be returned

The Carline Learning Centre in Balgaddy, Lucan Picture: Arthur Carron
The Carline Learning Centre in Balgaddy, Lucan Picture: Arthur Carron

An accountant, who is alleged to have misappropriated €161,000 in charity funding, has refused to say if the cash will be returned.

Greg Walsh (67) told the Herald he had requested a meeting with the auditors of Carline Learning Centre to discuss allegations made against him in the High Court. However, he refused to say if he was in a position to repay the charity.


"I can't discuss anything. I am meeting the auditors and that is all I can say at the moment," he said. "My legal advice is that I shouldn't say anything further as the matter is before the courts."

The charity, which provides educational supports for disadvantaged teenagers, receives over €500,000 a year from the Department of Education, the HSE and other bodies.

Lawyers for the charity alleged in the High Court on Wednesday that Mr Walsh (inset), a board member and treasurer, had misappropriated €161,000 through "wrongful and deceitful conduct".

The court was told Mr Walsh was completely trusted to look after its books and pay its bills.

But it is alleged that in 2014 he began making a series of payments to himself, his business and to other companies using the charity's chequebook.

Much of this money was supposed to have been paid to the Revenue Commissioners to cover PAYE and PRSI.

Alarm bells rang when with the charity's external accountants completed an audit of accounts for 2014 last September, when a number of discrepancies were uncovered.

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