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Carey launches children's film festival

Actress Carey Mulligan has opened the 2014 Into Film Festival at a screening in Leicester Square.

The Great Gatsby star (inset) visited Odeon West End for the showing of Disney's new nature documentary, Bears.

She was joined by 750 young fans, with many of them dressed as their favourite film characters.

The screening was one of 2,700 events taking place across Britain as part of the world's biggest youth film festival, which aims to explore film and its educational potential for young people.

"Film is an amazing learning tool - it enables people to understand more about history, society and much more. When I was growing up I didn't have the opportunity to engage with film in this way," Mulligan said.

"I think it's an incredible chance for young people to discover films that they may not have considered watching before, talk about it with their classmates, and possibly be inspired to follow a career in the film industry."

Up to 300,000 people aged 5-19 are expected to take part in the festival, which runs until November 21.