Wednesday 13 December 2017

Caprice starts style war on some Irish women's 'naff and scary' dress sense

Caprice says fashion crimes are being committed in our capital, as she launches lingerie range in Arnotts

SUPERMODEL Caprice (38) reckons some Irish ladies' style leaves a lot to be desired -- with plenty of fashion crimes still being committed in our capital city.

The business mogul spent the summer in Dublin filming Style Wars for TV3 and believes that, when it comes to our sartorial choices, there's much that could be improved upon.

"I think the standard of style's the same as England. There are some really creative, interesting talents and then there's some really naff and scary, scary styles," she told the Herald.

Asked about the worst fashion faux pas, she explained that the worst offenders are those trying to look like the stars from MTV reality show The Hills.

"It's the girls wearing an inch of make-up, and all the fake tan has just got to go, as do the fake nails and the dresses that barely cover your bottom. There's some really scary stuff out there," she added.

However, it's not all bad news for Irish ladies -- at least our fashion sense is better than that displayed in her native America. "The Irish sense of style is 10 times better than the Americans. You still have some people that get it right on the mark but then there's some that are 10,000 miles away from the mark," she continued.

The blonde bombshell jetted into Dublin to launch the latest looks in her By Caprice underwear range in Arnotts. But, despite her perfect figure, she said she had no intention of modelling the skimpy new lingerie herself.

She followed in Liz Hurley's footsteps -- who kept all her clothes on during the launch of her new bikini range here -- by leaving that to models Sara Kavanagh and Jenny Lee Masterson.

"No way! Are you kidding me? I do still photograph all my own stuff but where there's no retouching, there's not chance I'll take my kit off. I'll have some models with me and we're going to see them in their underwear," she added.

She's spending the night in Dublin before jetting off to LA on another business trip, but says she definitely has a soft spot for Ireland.

Caprice also revealed how she's in negotiations with Toto Productions, who made Style Wars, about making another TV show in Ireland. "I would love to get another TV show. I'm definitely interested in that. Maybe something a bit more original and with more of a business twist than something like Britain's Next Top Model. That's about trying to find a good-looking girl who knows how to pose in front of a camera. It's not original," she continued.

She's also convinced that she and her fellow judges made the right decision in picking David Greene as the eventual winner. He's now based in London as part of his new job working with Aurora Fashions and Caprice said he's bursting with talent. "He's been fantastic. He has come over to my office and I've been briefing him in the new designs for autumn/winter. He's talented with a beautiful disposition and is so easy to work."


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