Monday 24 September 2018

Cancer mum's desperate plea for help

A DYING mum of three has pleaded with the Government to help her receive vital cancer treatment.

As bankers are buying up fleets of brand new cars with public money, Rhoda Crosbie has been condemned to die in a filthy one-bedroom flat as her children look on.

Ms Crosbie recently completed a round of chemotherapy for breast cancer but says she can’t afford to spend any more time in hospital as the State won’t care for her children – the youngest of whom is two.

Rhoda, from Dunne Street in the city centre, describes life as “a complete and utter struggle”. She told the Herald that her children are the only reason she is fighting to survive cancer.

“I just can’t afford to go into hospital,” she explained.

“I’m mentally and physically unstable at the moment but I have to sacrifice my health for my children. I’ll do anything for them and if it means staying out of hospital I will do that.


“I’m deteriorating here every day. I feel like I’m dying and I have no support from anybody. But what hurts the most is that my kids don’t have the lives they deserve. We all sleep in the same bedroom and it’s not a proper way to live.”

The courageous mum received two pieces of devastating news in the past few days. Last week, she learned that her daughter was suffering from dyslexia and on Friday her son Jordan (17) made the difficult decision to leave for France.

“I can’t blame him, he doesn’t have a proper life here but it’s unbearable to think I’m losing my eldest child,” she said.

Her daughter Kirsty (15) said it was “heartbreaking” to see her mother struggle. “My mam means everything to me and I just want to see her get better. She needs to be somewhere nice and safe and she doesn’t have that here,” she said. “I’m 15 and I’ve never had a bedroom to myself. My brother and I just want to live like teenagers.”

Rhoda has made several desperate pleas to Dublin City Council to be rehoused. Letters of reply, seen by the Herald, state that she is not a “priority case”.

The flat complex in which she lives regularly suffers from rat infestations and anti-social behaviour.

A Dublin City Council spokesperson told the Herald today: “We do not comment on individual cases as it would not be fair on the party involved.”

Rhoda’s desperate plea comes just days after it emerged that Irish banks propped up by the taxpayer are still treating executives to Celtic Tiger-style perks.

So far this year, AIB and Bank of Ireland have purchased 136 11-D registered to reward executives.

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan has promised to review the banks’ tradition of giving new cars to senior executives.

Some 79 executives in AIB have been given new cars this year. Figures show that 52 of these employees work in sales and incur significant mileage in the course of their duties.

The remaining 27 cars were given to staff at management level as part of their existing contracts.

Bank of Ireland has so far leased 57 new cars for their staff.

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