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Cancer battler Jamie is named carer of the year

a teenager who is battling cancer has been honoured for his devotion to his mother and sister by being named Ireland's young carer of the year.

Jamie Mooney (17), from Shankill, Co Dublin, is currently studying for his Leaving Cert and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in July.

He is undergoing intense chemotherapy at the moment which is due to finish the week before Christmas.

However, he has also been caring for his mother Sabrina (35) since he was very young.

At the age of 19 she contracted meningitis and suffered a stroke.


Sabrina was also diagnosed with epilepsy shortly after Jamie was born and could have multiple seizures every week.

Jamie has often called ambulance services and talked medical personnel through his mother's condition when she was having seizures.

And in addition to this selfless caring, he would also look after his eight-year-old sister Lexie while his dad was at work.

Sabrina said that yesterday was a proud day for the family and that it was great that Jamie's work was recognised by others.

"We're really very proud of him and we have had an amazing day. It has been an amazing experience," she said.

"I would be totally lost without him. He took everything on from the age of four but he's marvellous," she added.

"He has never ever moaned. He has missed football matches, birthday parties, had to come home from school early and never complained. We joke that he has an old man's head on his shoulders."

Jamie said that when he was told that he was to be named young carer of the year he could not understand why.

"I just do what any son or daughter would do for their parents in that situation," he said.

"I never took anything upon myself, I just did what I thought needed to be done and tried to help out as best I can," he added.


"It has not affected me or going to school or anything like that. I just try to help out as best I can."

He said that his current treatment is going well and he is hoping to be clear of his cancer by Christmas.

Jamie said that he wants to go on and become a chef like his dad.

He spent last summer working in Ross Lewis' Chapter One restaurant.

"I love cooking and I have been doing it since a very early age," he said.

"I like doing French food and cooking all the basics," he added.