Thursday 21 February 2019

Cancer battle mother of three risks sewage infection in squalid flat

A mum of three living in squalor while she fights cancer says she risks infection from sewerage if she stays in her flat.

Rhoda Crosbie (36) from Dunne Street in the city centre, was diagnosed with breast cancer last September, and she has had a double mastectomy and chemotherapy treatment.

But the mum, who says she cannot leave her children to go to hospital for treatment, claims that she is exposed to sewerage surfacing in her back yard.

And she claims she is "tired" making calls to Dublin City Council pleading with them for a better home, and she was forced to go public and reveal her crisis to the Herald this week.

"I haven't heard anything from the council, not yet. I feel as if no-one's listening. The corporation are not listening to my case."

"I should be in hospital because I have a port line in me where all the medication goes through, but they think it's infected."


"Out my back door there's four inches of water because of the rain in the last couple of days, and the drain is blocked and there's sewerage coming up. My fridge is outside in that because I've no room for it so I can't use it.

"It's horrific. I shouldn't be living here with my three children because I'm going to catch an infection or end up in hospital very sick."

Rhoda says she was passed by gardai for an interview for better accommodation in Sean Tracey House, but she was told she was refused because other people were given higher priority.

"I got the blunt end of the sword. My mam and my sister got a one bedroom and a two-bedroom house, but you can't house three people out of the same family at once.

"I just feel that I've nobody. I'm in this flat and there's no sense of direction. It's like I'm in a dark tunnel and I can't see the light.

Rhoda is adamant that she will not return to hospital for appointments, tests or operations until she is given better living conditions for herself and her family.

A spokesperson for Dublin City Council said it cannot comment on individual cases.


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