Saturday 20 January 2018

Cameron saves millions by shunting ministers on to tube

IN Britain, prime minister David Cameron has told his ministers to "take the Tube".

After taking office earlier this year, Mr Cameron promised to reduce the €11m cost of providing government cars.

Only a selection of cabinet members, including the justice secretary, defence secretary and chancellor, are still entitled to a full-time driver for "security reasons".

In May, the coalition published a new ministerial code which said ministers should use public transport or pool cars, where practicable.

Mr Cameron said: "If there is something that really annoys people, it's politicians swanning around in chauffeur-driven cars."

Fine Gael wants to introduce a similar system here but should be aware that the British version has also had its problems -- while ministers were taking the Tube, their briefcases were regularly being afforded an air-conditioned chauffeured car -- for security reasons.

The British government admitted: "The point is that sometimes the minister may be attending other meetings, other events, where he does not want to be carrying classified material so the classified material is taken straight from his department to his home."

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