Friday 17 November 2017

Camera nabs 155 drivers breaking one set of lights in just four months

Chief Supt Aiden Reid
Chief Supt Aiden Reid

An automated red light camera has caught 155 drivers breaking red lights in the city centre.

The camera was installed at the Blackhall junction on Dublin's north inner city after several collisions between cars and the Luas trams.

A Garda spokesman confirmed that all registration plates of the 155 drivers had been noted, and that they would be prosecuted.

The offences have occurred since June 4 of this year, when the automated camera was installed.

In total, there are 1,620 traffic lights across the four Dublin authorities. An Garda Siochana has launced its 'Safer Roads Campaign' - which aims to reduce the number of casualties as well as the severity of crashes on Irish roads.

Chief Supt Aiden Reid said the aim of the campaign was to prevent all road users from breaking red lights and stop drivers gambling with their lives.

"We are aiming this red-light-running campaign at all drivers, cyclists and pedestrians and are appealing to them to reduce the risk to themselves and others by simply obeying the rules of the road when the light is red," he said.

"It seems a simple ask, and may be a lesser offence, but when you consider there are 1,620 sets of traffic lights in Dublin, and look at what is happening in one junction alone, Blackhall Place, it is very apparent there is a very real problem with compliance.

"This campaign is all about reducing risks. Risks cause injury and fatalities on our roads. This year we are seeing a significant reduction in fatalities in the Dublin area, with seven fewer than this time last year, but a serious or even fatal collision can happen in the blink of an eye. Please help us keep Dublin's roads as safe as possible for all who use them."

Figures show that 76pc of people killed or injured in road collisions were pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.


The Safer Roads for Dublin initiative is supported by the RSA, Dublin Bus, Luas, TII (Transport Infrastructure Ireland), the National Transport Authority and all four local authorities.

To date, there have been 10 fatalities in the Dublin, which is down 41pc from the 17 people who died in the county the previous year.

In 2014, there were 4,970 detections for breaking a red light, while so far this year there has been a decrease of 2,662 detections to date.

"Road users put themselves at great risk by driving, cycling or crossing through red lights," a Garda spokesperson said.

"It may appear a minor traffic infringement - however, the potential for harm is very great when, for example, a car encounters a cyclist where one of them has broken the red light."

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