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Calls to solve shortage of public toilets in city centre


Shortage of public toilets will affect hand-washing efforts

Shortage of public toilets will affect hand-washing efforts

Shortage of public toilets will affect hand-washing efforts

Dublin City Council is working to solve the public toilet shortage in the capital.

The council says it is aware of the lack of public toilets as the city starts to slowly reopen.

One business owner has launched a campaign to have two portable toilets installed in the city centre.

Richard Hanlon, co-owner of Busyfeet and Coco cafe on South William Street, is warning people will be put off coming into town otherwise.

Mr Hanlon has started a petition to improve the toilet shortage and increase hand-washing facilities on uplift.ie.

"The current crisis has accentuated the urgent issue of the city's poor hygiene infrastructure, which will have an adverse effect on both public health and the survival of city centre commercial areas," he said.

The petition calls on the council to address the city's hygiene infrastructure and lack of public toilets.

"Under the road map to reopen Ireland's society and economy, we will move from Phase 1 to Phase 2 on June 8," the petition says.

"This will mean significantly increased movement of citizens and an influx to the city.

"This also will be a key economic turning point for the Dublin city centre commerce, but due to ongoing restrictions, there will be no accessible toilet or hand-washing facilities for the public to use until Phase 3 (on) June 28, when some hospitality and retailers could allow access to their loos."


Mr Hanlon said there were only two operational toilets at Connolly and Heuston stations.

"Who will return to the city centre when they cannot find toilets and hand-washing places during this Covid-19 crisis?"

Dublin City Council said it had been working with gardai and other stakeholders to develop an overall plan for reopening the city on June 8.

It said it was "investigating various avenues to solve the public toilet issue".