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Cagney and O'Carroll on list of tax defaulters


Mark Cagney

Mark Cagney

Mark Cagney

A Dublin company that repairs phones and sells hair products tops Revenue's latest list of tax defaulters, owing more than €1.2m.

Seces International Trade, of Moore Street in the city centre, failed to declare just over €731,000 in tax. With interest and penalties, its final bill stood at €1,236,334.

Ireland AM presenter and voiceover artist Mark Cagney also appeared on the list, owing €37,036 to Revenue, including €25,747 in undeclared tax.

He told the Herald he made a full settlement with Revenue last year.

"I had a Revenue audit last year. There was an accounting issue and when it was brought to my attention I settled it immediately and fully - around August/September," he said.

Mrs Brown's Boys actor Daniel O'Carroll also made a settlement of €125,920 after an audit for under-declaring income tax and non-declaration of Capital Acquisitions Tax.

"I was recently subject to a Revenue audit. Some issues were identified and as soon as these were agreed the appropriate tax, interest and penalties were immediately paid in full," he said.

Two haulage contractors were among the biggest defaulters on the list covering the final quarter of 2018.


These included Cork-based Transbound, which had a bill of €996,690, the second highest settlement on the list.

Revenue said the latest list of tax defaulters includes 73 cases with a total settlement amount of more than €12.7m.

"Revenue vigorously pursues collection/enforcement of unpaid settlements. In some cases, collection/recovery of the full unpaid amount will not be possible (for example, company liquidation)," it said.