Monday 19 August 2019

caffreys want more trophies

DUBLIN legend John Caffrey will be proudly watching his daughter from the stands in Croke Park tomorrow.

If Leah succeeds, it will bring the second senior All-Ireland medal into the family home.

Corner-forward (inset) John was one of the so-called 12 Apostles who nabbed Sam Maguire in 1983, despite being three men down.

But now it is time, think the sporting family, to "freshen" up the silverware in their household.

"Leah always says: 'Da, that match was the last century - no the last millennium," the proud father laughed.

The legendary game - which saw Dublin triumph over Galway, in spite of their reduced numbers - went down in history.


The famous All-Ireland that John played in was the last un-ticketed match held in Croke Park.

The tough match saw the boys in blue dig their heels in and take home Sam.

But it isn't something John wants to watch his daughter go through.

"I certainly wouldn't wish it on them on Sunday," he told the Herald.

"That would not be good - nobody wants to play a game like it."

Leah (20) already has an All-Ireland title at minor level.

The Dubliner has impressed her dad with her cool approach to the pressures.

"Her way is not to talk about it, she is really focused," he noted.

Like any dad, he wants to see his fullback daughter claim victory.

"They're never going to be favourites - Cork have eight out of nine titles, but Dublin are a hard-working team," he explained.

The support from Dub's fans this season has been fantastic, according to the former player.

"Women's football is really on an upward curve - women's sports in general is," he said.


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