Monday 11 December 2017

...but narky Browne is forced to say 'sorry' pal

GRUMPY television host Vincent Browne has been forced to issue a grovelling apology to Enda Kenny after suggesting the FG leader shoot himself.

The notoriously narky broadcaster (right) also apologised to Mr Kenny's wife Fionnuala and his family.

He said his comment that Kenny should "go into a dark room with a gun and a bottle of whiskey" was stupid and insensitive.

The remark caused offence among viewers, while Fine Gael senator Paddy Burke complained to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI). BAI officials could force Browne to issue a more formal apology.

"Getting Vincent to apologise is a bit like getting Enda Kenny to admit his failings. It's unprecedented and Vincent must have cringed," said a TV3 insider.

Browne told viewers: "I want to refer to something I said towards the end of the programme on Thursday night. I made a remark about Enda Kenny which was stupid, insensitive and also offensive to him.

"I have written to Enda Kenny today to apologise unreservedly and I extend my apologies to his wife Fionnuala and to his family."

"I also want to apologise to those people who were offended because of the insinuation that suicide was something to be joked about," he said.

Browne once toyed with the idea of running as a Fine Gael general election candidate. He's now selling his sea view home in Dalkey to pay his debts.

Meanwhile, in a letter to the Herald, an irate viewer said the remarks were "an insult to families throughout the country trying to come to terms with the suicide of a loved one".


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