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Bus passengers face hefty fines for feet on seats

BUS passengers found with their feet resting on seats face the prospect of hefty fines.

Bus Eireann is on the verge of adopting new bylaws which will force customers to keep their feet firmly on the floor.

Anyone found to be in breach of the new rules will be hit with fines as part of the measures being considered by bosses.

The plans, which could be in place within months, have been communicated to Transport Minister Leo Varadkar.

The company confirmed to the Herald that the new measures are imminent, saying they are being introduced for "passengers' comfort".


"Bus Eireann intends to adopt bylaws which include the prohibition of customers putting their feet on seats.

"The company is currently discussing this with the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport," said spokesman Andrew McLindon.

"We would expect all customers to respect other customers and the vehicles on which they are travelling on.

"If such activity was brought to a driver's attention then they would speak to the customer and ask them to remove their feet from the seat in the interest of their fellow passengers' comfort," he added.

Mr McLindon confirmed that the issuing of fines is part of the firm's by-law plans, however he said "it is too early in the process to discuss fine levels".

The move follows similar measures by Irish Rail, Dublin Bus and the Luas.

A spokeswoman for the Luas said that customers who refuse to take their feet off seats are deemed to be "nuisances".

"Inspectors are backed up by the bylaws and can issue fines and even instigate prosecutions if somebody refuses to take down their feet."

Irish Rail trains have posters informing customers that placing feet on seats is prohibited.