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Burst mains costs Irish Water €14k as locals seek compo

IRISH Water will have to shell out more than €14,000 after a watermain burst in Clondalkin, flooding nearby homes and damaging cars in the area.

However, locals are angry because they have not heard from the company for more than two weeks and have been left with damaged floors and cars.

Assessors acting on behalf of the company visited homes in the area two weeks ago but those affected still don't know how claims will be handled.

South Dublin County Council chief executive Daniel McLoughlin told a Clondalkin Area Committee meeting recently that Irish Water were responsible for the €14,000 bill and that the costs could rise.


"The approximate direct cost of repairing the burst watermain was €14,000, which is fully funded by Irish Water through the service level agreement," he said.

"There will be additional costs associated with reinstatement works. The cost of repair of damages for residents is a matter for Irish Water to address for the residents directly affected," he added.

Tony Lawlor, from Ashwood, Clondalkin, said that he is yet to hear how Irish Water will handle his claim for damages.

"Irish Water have not comeback to us with anything yet," Mr Lawlor said.

"We spoke to them on Wednesday but the gentleman at Irish Water that we spoke to did not even know that they had sent an assessor out," he added.

Tony said that Irish Water initially wanted residents to claim for the damage from their home and car insurance policies, but Tony was unwilling to do this as he was afraid it would cause an increase in his premiums.

"I told them that I was not going through my insurance because it was nothing to do with me. They are the ones that are at fault," he said.

"If I have to I will take them to the small claims court," Mr Lawlor added.

So far, the company has incurred €14,000 in costs to repair the damaged mains and these expenses will increase as residents lodge claims for damage.

One family suffered damage to three different cars which were parked outside their house and had to get them reupholstered after they were damaged by water.

Locals reported seeing the street outside their homes fill up like a bath tub.


Gardai advised to leave their homes as water engulfed the area.

Mr Lawlor said that he hoped that a valeting would be enough to repair the damage to his own car but he has no idea of the potential damage done to his home yet.

"There is an air vent underneath the window in the sitting room that the water would have got in through and I wont know what damage that will have done until I lift my carpet (to examine the floors)."

Irish Water failed to respond to a request from the Herald for comment but local Independent councillor Trevor Gilligan said that the company must be held responsible.

"Funding must be made available to residents for any repairs that must be carried out on their homes. Residents deserve no less," Mr Lawlor said.