Wednesday 16 January 2019

Burns horror as teen drops firework into woman's hood

Firework explodes, causing her burns and hearing loss
Firework explodes, causing her burns and hearing loss

A young woman suffered serious burns and hearing loss after a lit firework was thrown into her hood, where it exploded.

The incident happened over the weekend in Dublin's north-inner city and was filmed on a mobile phone.

Images show a youth app- roaching the victim from behind before lighting the firework and putting it in her hood.

The terrified young woman then runs from the group and attempts to get rid of the banger, but it explodes inches from her head.

As it goes off, a number of people can be heard on the video laughing.

The victim has said she will be taking the matter further, and revealed the extent of her injuries.

"This is me in that video, second degree burns, all my hair is falling out and still waiting for hearing to come back," she wrote on social media. "I will be taking it further."

It is understood that the footage was taken on Railway Street, Dublin 1.

As of last night, gardai had not received a formal complaint about the incident, but a source said that local officers are aware of it.

"If a complaint is made, then it will be treated as an assault and a criminal investigation would be launched," said the source.


Youth drops firework into her hood
Youth drops firework into her hood

"The woman suffered serious burns to her head and body and has also had a loss of hearing since the incident."

Local politician Christy Burke described the incident as "disgusting" and called for a specialist garda unit to be set up in the north-inner city to help combat anti-social behaviour.

"I'm outraged and appalled. I haven't got the words to express how I felt after seeing that video," said the Independent councillor.

"That could be your daughter, your sister. Imagine the parents of that woman looking at that, it's disgusting. It's animalistic behaviour.

"That's not someone deciding to have a laugh because it's Halloween, that's maliciously intended."

The individual who originally published the video on Facebook has since deleted the post, but it was shared several hundred times.

She runs as firework ignites
She runs as firework ignites

A garda spokesman said officers "will confiscate any fireworks found in the possession of persons and such persons are also liable to prosecution".

"In addition, there is a specific offence under law for throwing any ignited fireworks in public places," said the spokesman.

Mr Burke said the majority of people living locally are "hard-working people" and slammed the minority "destroying" the area.

"The area lacks a dedicated police force to end anti-social behaviour and public disorder," he said.

"Someone in authority needs to put in a committed garda unit.

"Between the decent people around there, the street traders, the hard-working men and women, as well as community activists, it's a minority who are destroying the place."

Last week, footage emerged of a large gang of youths vandalising a number of cars on Railway Street.

Video footage obtained by the Herald shows the wing mirror of one car flying into the air after one of the youths struck it with an object.

Up to 30 teens, some armed with metal bars, attacked a row of parked cars on the street.

Gardai received reports of three vehicles being damaged at about 9pm on October 2.

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