Sunday 10 December 2017

Burns blew it for greed and has let down his fans

I HAVE to say that I was shocked by this case.

On a number of levels, however, it is a tale of everyday life now.

Whoever would have thought we'd have reached the situation that an intercounty footballer would become nothing more than a poisonous street dealer.

Former Tipperary squad member Dwayne Burns was looked up to by many in his home county. Now he is serving nine years -- seven suspended -- for selling cocaine to mockies (undercover gardai).

Dwayne was both a dope and a dope dealer.

He enjoyed a a privileged place playing football in the blue and gold and was looked up to by younger fans.


But what did he do? He blew it. And all for greed. Why should I be surprised, it's going on for years.

Drugs are now the scourge of every town and village in Ireland.

Some people going to universities in Dublin and other major centres are purchasing drugs in those venues and returning home each weekend and selling their horde to local youngsters. It's an easy way to supplement their expenses in college where they revel in their freedom from home.

But alas they are only bringing agony to their fellow county people who look up to them on the playing field.

For you, Burns, it will never be the same again. He betrayed his own people and his privileged position.

He'll always be known as the scumbag who sold drugs to the guards.

He can reflect on that for the few years he spends inside.

He can decide whether he will reform or go back into the drugs trade. It's a thin line.

But his reputation is gone for good.

He can also count himself lucky to have had so much of his sentence suspended.

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