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Bullet threat to Minister Kelly


threat issued to his constituency office. The identity of the caller is unknown.

Mr Kelly has been at the centre of efforts to calm public anger over the Irish Water fiasco.

On Monday, his office in Nenagh, Co Tipperary, received a phone call from a person saying: "We'll bomb you f**kers."

However, the Herald can today reveal that the latest threat is regarded as being far more calculated.

When the staff member answered the call early yesterday morning they were asked if it was Minister Kelly's office.

After confirming that it was, the caller said: "A bullet will be put in his head before the end of the day. And we'll come down and put a bullet in your head too, you rich f**k.

"We won't be paying water charges."

When the staff member said they would not listen to false threats, the caller said: "You should listen because you are both scum and who said they were false threats?"

A source said the person who made the shooting threat spoke in a very "matter of fact" tone.

"She was not rambling in any way and spoke deliberately in a direct manner," the source said.

It is not yet known if the woman who made the call is the same person behind Monday's threat.